What is An Angle Grinder Used For? Angle Grinder Uses

what is an angle grinder used for

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about “angle grinder”? You will think of terms like smoothening, grinding, polishing, cutting, and roughing. So, what is an angle grinder used for exactly?

The exact usages of this handy device prove it to be a very versatile power tool to have in your kit as a handyman!

You can never go wrong with an angle grinder because it can cut through any material you can think of, including metal, stone, and marble.

Let’s have a look at the angle grinder uses and purpose.

What is an angle grinder?

An angle grinder is a versatile tool that serves different purposes. It is a must-have in your tool kit as a handyman because it can cut through metal, tile, and pavers. You can also use it to polish or refine the edges of different materials.

If we look at its structure, it is basically a disc attached at an angle with its driveshaft. These grinders come in various forms and types, these include:

  • Corded/cordless angle grinders
  • Variable speed angle grinders
  • Pneumatic angle grinders
  • Striaght angle grinders
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What does an angle grinder do?

An angle grinder is a tool that takes care of pretty much all your cutting needs. Grinder tool uses can be

  • gauge
  • cut
  • roughen
  • sharpen
  • level
  • polish

any metal like iron and aluminum, stainless steel, marble, ceramics, and even concrete.

What can you do with an angle grinder?

Angle grinder uses
MetalworkYou can repair car scratches with the help of an angle grinder
Remove burrs and drips that are produced during welding from metal
Get rid of rust
cut heavy bars or slabs of metal
smoothen up welding edges
Ceramic handling Cut ceramic tiles smoothly
Polish the stone and ceramic material
PolishingPolish your cars ( I do not recommend it if you have not done it before)
Polish scratches

8 Top Uses of An Angle Grinder

What does an angle grinder do

Laying Down Tiles

Laying down tiles is a hectic task, but an angle grinder surely makes it easy for you. There is a lot of cutting involved in this process, and an angle grinder will cut the tiles for you with immense ease. Whether you are looking for rough cuts or precise ones, this multi-functional tool is your only solution!

If you want super precise cuts, then you will need a diamond disc for that in your angle grinder. You can cut the old joints on the tiles by using a diamond disc.

It makes it possible to drill holes in the tiles and ceramic materials. Just get yourself a diamond crown of the right diameter, and you are good to go!

Tool Sharpening

By using an angle grinder, you can easily sharpen your tools that have gone blunt. An angle grinder makes it possible to sharpen the edges and flat surfaces smoothly by making sure your tools and up and running once again in no time!

There is one thing you need to keep in your mind while doing this, though. That is not to overheat the metal blade of your tools while sharpening. It is very easy to mess up, ensuring that the temperature does not reach the recrystallization point. If you let this happen, the blade will forever lose its sharpness and hardness.


Did you know that it is possible to saw using an angle grinder? Its shape resembles a circular saw which can do the job pretty well. You can attach metal discs with it to make the process smoother.


Woodwork is possible with the help of an angle grinder. You can use it to cut, polish, and carve wood. Although it is impossible to carve extremely fine details into the wood, an angle grinder still does a pretty good job of removing the excess material.

You need a special blade to do woodwork with a grinder. These blades only have three teeth, so the chances of kickback are meager. Or you can also use a wood carving disc. Apart from these two options, woodcutting with a grinder is not a variable option. Yes, you can cut a few creeks here and there, but that should be the extent of it.

An angle grinder is a dangerous tool and you should use it with extreme caution.

Polishing Metals

You can easily polish metals like steel and aluminum with its help. It is very easy to operate because all you need to do is change the wheel.

With this tool, you can polish your metals. They will be shining like new once again in no time!

Paint Removal & Cleaning

An angle grinder is used for paint removal and cleaning different surfaces. It is very easy to get rid of the stains and unwanted paint that is too stubborn to get off. Angle grinder’s wire cup brushes are used to remove rust, whereas; wire discs are used to clean hard-to-reach areas on different surfaces/objects.

Overall, it can clean metals efficiently without you having to put too much work into it.

Mortar Removal

Removing mortar is a risky job because it can damage the bricks if not done right. An angle grinder is a right tool for this job because it does not cause any damage to the bricks. A diamond tuckpointing wheel is attached with the tool to remove the unwanted mortar from the walls.

It won’t be done once, and you will have to pass the grinder through the bricks a few times to get a clean finish.

Removing Car Scratches

It is significant to note that you can use an angle grinder to buff off and remove scratches from your car. There is no need to take your vehicle to the workshop when you can just pull out this amazing gadget from your garage to get the job done!

Can I use an angle grinder to cut wood?

Can i use an angle grinder to cut wood

I am assuming that you already have an angle grinder at hand, and you need to cut some wood. Now, you are contemplating; you should use the angle grinder to do this task or not. Well, the answer is not plain yes or no. It lies in the grey area.

If you are wondering, can an angle grinder cut wood? Yes, it can. But should you use it for wood? No, if you have other alternatives like a circular saw or band saw, then you should not use your angle grinder for woodcutting. It is not safe; there is a huge risk of kickback and a potential injury. There is also an increased risk of blade trapping in the wood.

If you do not have any other alternative, you can cut wood with an angle grinder, provided you are careful. You would need an angle grinder disc with three teeth only for this purpose instead of a regular one.

Such three teeth blades are best for beginners as well as pros looking to cut combustible material like wood. They do not offer a high kickback, and they are easy to use.


Can you use an angle grinder to cut metal?

Yes, an angle grinder can easily cut through any kind of metal. Most people use abrasive metal cutting discs for this purpose. But these discs wear down easily while cutting metal. Instead, use diamond discs for cutting metal with an angle grinder. It can cut through ferrous metal like butter.

Can an angle grinder be used as a sander?

Yes, you can easily use an angle grinder as a sander. All you need is a special type of angle grinder disc known as a flap disc. This disc has sandpapers as flaps arranged all around its periphery. This makes the sanding process a lot easier.

Can you use water with an angle grinder?

Yes, you can use water with an angle grinder especially when you are cutting through masonry. When cut with an angle grinder, concrete blocks produce a lot of dust, which can slow down the overall process and harm the disc. It is imperative to use water as a lubricant to settle down the dust particles in this situation. This water also cools down the disc and hence slows down the wearing process.

Do grinder sparks hurt?

Yes, these sparks are hazardous. Avoid their contact with your skin and eyes by wearing protective gear. They can cause burns. Moreover, these sparks can also fire up combustible material.


After reading this, you shall be clear about using an angle grinder and how handy of a tool it is! All your repairing, polishing, and removal needs will be taken care of after investing in this handy tool. It is a master machine to have in your toolkit indeed. These were all the uses that I know. What do you use an angle grinder for? Let me know in the comment section down below.

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