8 Proven Techniques to fix jigsaw not cutting straight

How to cut a straight line with a jigsaw

                     Are you Stuck with a jigsaw that is not cutting straight? Huh. Are you tired of searching this phrase and not finding a satisfactory answer? Relax! I will solve this matter for good. Did you plan to reinvent your patio furniture out of the old scrap wood? Or maybe you needed to finish the school project for your kids? At the last moment, you found out that you cannot cut straight any of the hard materials like wood, plastic, metal, or ceramics with your jigsaw.

Do not feel pity for your decision to buy this tool. Being a DIY expert, I can feel your frustration. If you are out of money or have made your mind not to buy a new circular saw for straight cuts, this post is definitely for you.

First, I will explain two key reasons why the jigsaw does not cut clean. Moving forward, I will give you the doable solutions for your jigsaw not cutting straight. 

It is a fact that a jigsaw can slice the curves only. This jigsaw guide will practically show you that you don’t need to buy a new circular saw for straight cuts. You can intelligently use your jigsaw for the same purpose to get the most out of it. 

Reasons for a jigsaw not cutting straight

jigsaw not cutting straight

Although jigsaw is specific for curves, yet it does not mean that you should not use it for your routine straight cuts. Yes, you can use your jigsaw as your all-in-one cutting tool for DIY crafts and even commercial purposes. Let’s find the reasons the jigsaw is not cutting straight.

Inappropriate Blade

The lamp can’t enlighten without a bulb, the same way a jigsaw cannot cut without an appropriate blade. A thick, long, and sharp blade made of strong alloys can go deeper into the wood and other hard materials. Make sure that the blade is compatible with the jigsaw. Furthermore, the blade must follow a quality guide so that it may not wobble around and go straight only. 

Imbalance Force

Don’t put undue force on the jigsaw. The blade in the jigsaw works at its own pace and speed. When you push the jigsaw forcefully, it may deflect the blade. It is one of the significant reasons for a jigsaw not to cut straight. Let the tool move by itself so that you may go like a pro. 

If you are a beginner, you are looking to buy a jigsaw, read our article about the best jigsaw under 100$.

8 Best solutions for your jigsaw not cutting straight

How to cut a straight line with a jigsaw

Keep in mind there is a solution to every problem, just like there is a reason behind every problem.

It would help if you tried the following proven techniques for a safer and straight cut. 

Mark a Straight Line with Marker 

You must make sure that you mark your cut first and then put the jigsaw on work. As you know, the vibration and noise of the jigsaw cause the erratic movements of your hands. If you don’t mark your cut with a pencil, you may complain that your jigsaw is not making a straight cut.

Use a Straight Fence Made of Metal or Thick Plastic:

We all know that a jigsaw cuts the curve finely. If you want to replace it with a circular saw and cut straight, you ought to use a fence made of solid metal, wood, or even thick plastic material. Please make sure the straight edge is straight itself in proper letter and spirit.

Clamp the Fence Carefully:

You cannot manage to hold the fence and jigsaw at the same time. You have to check that the screw of the clamp is tight and secure. Clamp everything first and then operate the saw to avoid accidental harm. 

Ensure the Length of the Fence is Larger than the Surface

When you are cutting against a fence, you must ensure that the fence is larger than the surface. This will ensure the jigsaw’s fine alignment from the very beginning, and the chances of tilt will disappear automatically.

Use the Correct Blade 

For a fair straight cut in hardwood, the strength and style of the jigsaw blade matter the most. The blade must be according to the thickness’s requirements and the texture of the material you are trying to cut. Fix the high-quality blade correctly in the jigsaw and not drive it sideways; otherwise, the blade will get cracked, and you will remain helpless.

Cut Upside Down

To get a clean and straight cut, always put the surface in a position that your jigsaw moves upside down. In this way, the dust of wood will fall on the floor, and the scene will not get blurred for you and the machine. Secondly, it will distribute the force of your hands evenly, and you will get your desired straight cut.

Turn off the Orbit Function

An orbit function is simply a jigsaw feature that allows the blade to move upward, downward, backward, and forward. If your jigsaw is having the orbit feature in it, turn off the orbit function for a straight and fine cut.

Enhance Your Practice 

You can’t expect the fine, straight cut when you pick the jigsaw for the very first time. You should use the scrap wood in your garden for practice before using the jigsaw for straight cuts in your final projects.  

After studying the reasons for the jigsaw not cutting straight, we moved to the solutions and the guidelines on improving the cut’s quality. It is understood that a jigsaw is not an appropriate tool for straight cuts. Using proper blades, ensuring the guiding mechanism, and clamping the straight fence, you can add value to your straight-cutting experience. Furthermore, moving downward, putting enough pressure and practice will ensure your success ultimately.

One super-efficient tip is that when you are working with a jigsaw, rotate your saw frequently. If you keep your hands in a stand-still position, you may miss the marked line; once you go outside your line, it is next to impossible to make a straight cut.

  1. Why does my jigsaw cut crooked?

    jigsaws are designed to cut in curves. If your jigsaw is cutting crooked its either that your blade is not sharp enough or you are either forcing the machine through the curve. You should let the machine do cutting (if that makes sense).

  2. What is pendulum action on a jigsaw?

    Normally a jigsaw blade moves up and down to cut through a piece of wood. But the jigsaws with pendulum actions move forward and backward as well to make the process more smooth. It makes the blade more aggressive and hence blade lasts longer. The blade does not get hot and the cutting is splinter-free.

  3. What is orbital setting on a jigsaw?

    Unlike pendulum action that makes a jigsaw move forward and backward, the orbital setting induces a circular movement in the blade. It increases the velocity of the cut. But due to increase speed and a swing, the accuracy becomes poor. So, for faster cuts turn on the orbital settings.

We hope that this jigsaw straight cut guide was helpful for you. What methods do you use for cutting straight with a jigsaw? 

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  3. Brand new jigsaw – 3 new sets of blades – every blade IS straight, yet after locking in blade in – one can see the blade is off set to cut rightward & there IS NO JIGSAW ADJUSTMENT to direct the correct the blade direction. Sorry, but I find your article useless information.

  4. Brand new jigsaw – 3 new sets of blades – every blade IS straight, yet after locking in blade in – one can see the blade is off set to cut rightward & there IS NO JIGSAW ADJUSTMENT to direct the correct blade direction. Sorry, but I find your article useless information.

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