Electric vs. Gas Chainsaw (Which One to Choose and Why)


Are you considering purchasing a chainsaw but are torn between the electric vs. gas chainsaw debate? You are not alone, and we are here to help. 

Chainsaws had humble beginnings when they were first designed in the 1800s. Since then, both electric and gas chainsaws have advanced significantly. No wonder many people get confused about which one to choose.

We’ll discover the differences between the two chainsaws in this post and the jobs at which each piece of equipment excels.

Electric Chainsaw

Electric chainsaws have undergone numerous advancements. They are much cleaner, low maintenance, and energy-efficient than gas saws. 

Since they are lightweight and easier to use, they are a standard option for homeowners and hobbyists.

These chainsaws come in two varieties: corded and battery-powered (cordless). The cutting power of an electric chainsaw is comparatively lower. However, it may vary depending on whether it’s a corded or a cordless model.

A cordless chainsaw gives you the advantage of portability. However, corded chainsaws have more remarkable cutting ability than the cordless version. 

Corded models offer constant power without the need to change or replenish batteries. However, you can’t go too far from the power outlet. 

What is an Electric Chainsaw Best Suited for?

An electric chainsaw is suitable for small-medium-sized jobs around your house and backyard. It is a lightweight tool, which makes it ideal for home users who aren’t experts.

You will barely need a chainsaw more than once a week for house chores. It is another reason to purchase an electric saw for home use since it requires minimal maintenance.

Hence, if you want to handle small-level tasks, go for an electric chainsaw like Oregon CS1400

Oregon CS1400 electric chainsaw

It is a corded electric tool that can assist you with basic yard tasks like cutting and pruning your small trees’ branches. Made with a comfortable handle and lightweight design, you will have no trouble holding it.

Advantages of an Electric Chainsaw

  • Electric chainsaws produce very little noise, which makes them ideal for locals in residential areas. You can conveniently use them without disturbing anyone in the neighborhood.
  • These chainsaws are smaller and have a light design, which makes them burden-free to carry and take around.
  • They don’t produce any unbearable smell.
  • An electric saw is easy to start and operate. Touching a button is all it takes to start, and you are all set.

Disadvantages of an Electric Chainsaw

  • Although electric chainsaws can work in harsh environments, they are ideally built for light-duty tasks only. 
  • Corded chainsaws are immobile, which is a significant issue. 
  • You can solve the mobility issue by purchasing a battery-powered saw. However, it will lack the cutting power of a corded model.

Gas Chainsaw

The source of all the power is gas chainsaws. They run off gas and engine oil and are much more powerful and bulkier than electric saws.

Since they run on a mixture of oil and gas, they emit an unpleasant smell. However, their robust engine, excellent cutting ability, and portability make them stand out.

A gas chainsaw is perfect for professionals and people working in demanding environments. However, homeowners and occasional users can also utilize it because they come with different engine capacities and bar lengths.

For instance, you can find chainsaws with engines ranging from 32cc to 70cc. You can also select the bar length based on the needs of your job.

What is a Gas Chainsaw Best Suited for?

A gas chainsaw is best suited for heavy-duty outdoor projects like cutting large branches and felling gigantic trees. This tool is primarily used by landscapers, loggers, and professionals in the woodwork industry.

If you are looking for a gas-powered chainsaw to help you with your large-scale jobs, consider checking CRAFTSMAN 42cc Gas Chainsaw. It is engineered with a powerful 42cc full-crank engine, which offers increased power and equipment durability. 

CRAFTSMAN 42cc Gas chainsaw

Gas chainsaws are notorious for being difficult to start. But CRAFTSMAN makes it easier for us by equipping this tool with an easy-start technology. This simple mechanism allows you to get going right away, which is fantastic.

Advantages of a Gas Chainsaw

  • No tool can do heavy woodcutting jobs as perfectly as a gas chainsaw. Its cutting speed and power are greater than electric chainsaws.
  • If you have invested in a high-quality chainsaw, you won’t need to buy a new one before at least ten years of use because gas chainsaws have relatively long shelf lives.
  • It has a long run time(thanks to gasoline fuel systems).

Disadvantages of a Gas Chainsaw

  • Gas chainsaws are pretty loud. 
  • They are heavier and bigger, which can cause fatigue.
  • A gas-driven chainsaw requires oil and gas, which gives off an unpleasant scent.
  • Gas chainsaws are more expensive than electric ones. Novice users could find them less enticing.

Electric vs. Gas Chainsaw: Final Verdict 

So, that brings us toward the end of the electric and gas chainsaw comparison. Both tools are brilliantly engineered and boast unique features in their ways. 

Additionally, it is preferable to employ both tools per their optimum suitability for certain levels of jobs.

Ideally, if you’re a home user who wants to maintain the health of the tiny trees and shrubs on your lawn, an electric chainsaw will do the job flawlessly. 

But if you are a seasoned tool user and your job requires cutting giant trees, choose a gas chainsaw.


1. How long will an electric chainsaw last?

As long as the corded electric chainsaw is plugged into an outlet, it will continue to operate. But speaking of shelf life, an electric chainsaw can last 5-8 years, depending on the brand and maintenance.

2. Is gas chainsaw more powerful than electric?

Yes, a gas chainsaw boasts a faster-cutting speed, longer run time, greater engine power, and cutting ability than an electric model. Although gas tools are heavy and noisy, their capacity to cut down huge trees remains unmatched.

3. How much should I spend on a chainsaw?

A home user/hobbyist/DIYer should expect to spend $100-$300 on an electric chainsaw. You can check out the market and Amazon for more affordable models.

On the other hand, gas-powered chainsaws are more expensive. You might have to budget anywhere from $200 to $500 or more for a model. 

Ultimately, you should conduct extensive market research about chainsaws and their prices, check out different brands and their features, make a budget, and purchase accordingly.

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