Brushless Jigsaw vs Orbital Jigsaw A detailed Comparison

Brushless Jigsaw vs Orbital Jigsaw

There are not many options available for you when you want to make super-clean cuts on materials like plywood, particleboard, or other thin materials. A jigsaw can turn out to be handy in such a situation. The jigsaw is quite notorious for ruining the super-sharp cuts and straight lines during a crafting session. 

But if you are a regular DIY’er, you can easily avoid such mistakes from happening. Are you a causal crafter? Then the probability of an angled cut cannot hold you down!

For crafters, it is always a bliss to introduce new power gadgets in their collection. When you manage to get your hands on the best jigsaw with the most accommodating features, it will be a workhorse in your inventory!

When it comes to jigsaws, so much variety can confuse anyone. If you are also confused about brushless jigsaw vs orbital jigsaw. Then this article is written specifically for you. 

Features to Look Out For

When you invest in an expensive jigsaw to contribute to your craft, you want it to the fittest of all! What features should you look for? For the added cost, you should be looking for the orbital action and the variable speed.

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What is an orbital Jigsaw?

Brushless Jigsaw vs Orbital Jigsaw

Did you know that an orbital jigsaw can provide you with some swinging action during the cutting process? This jigsaw goes all out and does not follow the traditional straight line while making cuts in the desired material. The blade is tilted in the forward direction with every single stroke, and hence it is known as the “pendulum action.”

Example: BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw, Smart Select, 5.0-Amp (BDEJS600C), Dewalt 20V MAX XR Cordless Jig Saw DCS334B and DeWalt DCS331B 20V MAX Jig Saw are popular choices.

Battery Situation of the Orbital Jigsaw

Now, let’s talk about the battery situation over here. The orbital jigsaws come with a corded electric cordless battery. The batteries in it are Lithium-ion batteries. This kind is a well-known choice for those who love a cordless connection—no need to worry about and mingle with wires anymore in your workstation with the orbital jigsaw. How convenient!

What does it come with?

Are you wondering about the components of the orbital jigsaw? Well, you will get to see a motor, a narrow blade, and a handle. Ensure that the blade is mounted perpendicular to the tool.

However, the orbital jigsaw blade is quite delicate, and you get to see an upwards and downwards motion with every stroke. Unlike the conventional saw, a jigsaw can make curved strokes in your desired material of wood. What a pleasant gift for the true craftsmen! The crafts lovers can set their emotions free and let their hearts pave the way for the perfect design they want to create!

What is a brushless Jigsaw?

Orbital Jigsaw vs Brushless Jigsaw

The brushless jigsaw is your regular jigsaw that does not come with luxurious features for you to work freely in your workstation. You cannot achieve much with this one as it will give you the regular up and down motion. However, it will make very straight and clean cuts in the material to your choice. But do not expect it to provide you with the flexibility of cutting down curves seamlessly! Each stroke will be perpendicular to the length of the jigsaw.

Example: 18V ONE+™ brushless jigsaw is a popular choice!

Jigsaws with a brushless motor:

A jigsaw with brushless motor has following characteristics: 

  • Far-reaching run time
  • Fast cutting speed
  • More power
  • Extended motor life

Difference Between a Brushless and An Orbital Jigsaw

Brushless Jigsaw vs Orbital Jigsaw

As clean from the name, orbital jigsaw uses the action called “orbital action.” Its blade slides to a specific angle with every coming stroke as it is pulled. You will not get to see this mesmerizing yet satisfying action with the brushless jigsaw.

When the jigsaw blade is brought back, it gets angled backward too. After all of this, there will be rest, and the jigsaw will be entirely straight down right before pulling in the following action!

If you were good in physics in your class, you might have noticed that the blade tip’s movement is following the elliptical path. Jigsaws are a unique piece of machinery used to create beautiful art and reminds one of the wonders of the world of physics. 

Let us tell you a fun fact that some regular jigsaw’s available in the market that comes with an option to turn it into an orbital one! Now, this can be a gamechanger for you! What an absolute all-rounder, right? All you will have to do in this regard is to flip a dial or a switch depending upon the jigsaw’s design factors.

On the contrary brushless jigsaws are the cutting devices that have extended run time. Once you buy those you wont be thinking about buying another one any time soon. The secret is the brushless motor that has a smooth action without any complications. This smooth running enhances power of the jigsaw as well. 

Orbital Jigsaw versus Brushless Jigsaw: Cutting Action Comparison

Lets discuss cutting action of orbital jigsaw first. Imagine this; the blade is angled in a specific direction every time a stroke comes from the jigsaw to cut the wood. Now, what type of cut do you think you will be getting? The cutting will be aggressive because the blade will be sharply angled into the wood material that you are cutting with your jigsaw.

If you are a heavy worker and need to cut more challenging things like heavy wood for kitchen countertops, then this type of jigsaw action will be a dream for you! You will be cutting thick pieces of wood seamlessly within seconds, and it will leave you surprised. That is how the power of the orbital jigsaw is like!

Now come to cutting action of brushless jigsaw. It may not have all the sleek features of orbital jigsaw when it comes to cutting. But owing to seamless action of ots motor the cutting is swift abd done with more power. So, if you are someone who do not appreciate fancy features and want a simple jigsaw with enhanced cutting then this is the one for you. If angled cutting and other feature attract you more then we would advise you to for orbital jigsaw. 


When using an orbital jigsaw in your craft, it is essential to keep in mind that it will vibrate a lot because it cuts heavy pieces of wood at an angle. It might take you some time to adjust to the orbital jigsaw and steady your hands a bit. If you have only used regular or brushless jigsaws before, it is time to practice to get better!

Final Verdict

When you are using an orbital jigsaw for your crafts, you will achieve an orbital cutting motion with an angle. You cannot accomplish this by using a brushless jigsaw because it simply does not cut at an angle. The cutting from the orbital jigsaw is aggressive and coarse when dealing with pieces of wood that are super-thick.

Just make sure that you are using your orbital jigsaw on the right orbital setting. Otherwise, you will end up ruining the lifespan of the blades of your expensive machine!

The usage of this setting is going to depend upon the type of material you are playing with at a specific time. There is a time and place for everything, folks—even jigsaws.

On the other hand, if you want a jigsaw that you can use for years without its motor getting dull then brushless jigsaw is for you. That answers the dilemma of Brushless Jigsaw vs Orbital Jigsaw for you. It all depends on what is your requirement and what you want to do.

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