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Best Woodworking Jigsaw

Folks, we belong in an era of do-it-yourself things. We don’t have to go to an expert to fix small and doable things. All we need to have is faith in ourselves — we can try our hand at things we never thought anyone except an expert could do. In this day and age, we are more independent than ever.

Woodworking is a craft anyone can slowly and gradually master these days, so to say. You ought to enrich yourself with the modern equipment available in the market at decent rates, learn how to be proficient at it, and you are good to go! You CAN do it even if you are a newb. Believe me, it would not take ages to master the craft of woodworking — especially when you have Makita JV0600K Top-Handle Jigsaw – The Best Woodworking Jigsaw to assist you.

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Merits of The Best Woodworking Jigsaw

Make detailed cuts without exerting an enormous amount of force!

Contrary to popular rhetoric, woodworking is no longer a backbreaking task. It has become much easier ever since modern machinery came into being. Makita is a reliable company that has literally proved its mettle – they have been making convenient-to-use power tools since 1915.

I personally leafed through a variety of brands before I finally stopped at Makita. You’d definitely be interested in knowing the reason too. They keep an ordinary user in mind while designing their products. If only you could understand the anatomy of their products, you would praise them like anything.

Anyhow, coming to the point — this Makita jigsaw can create beautiful cuts without requiring much force from your side. It also implies you don’t need to be super-strong and brawny to bring this jigsaw into use. You only need to be intelligent enough to understand its mechanism and that will be all!

Replacing a saw blade isn’t toilsome anymore!

Rigid models used to have a nearly impossible saw-blade. Users used to go urghhh while replacing it with a fresher one. It could not be changed with such ease and effortlessness before. However, to your surprise, this Makita jigsaw has proved to be a game-changer — it has made things much more workable than they ever were.

You can replace the saw blade in a matter of seconds if you are using Makita’s top-handle Jigsaw. You just have to untuck it from its holder, and space for a new saw-blade will automatically be created. Good golly, isn’t it amazing that you are no longer bound to spend a good deal of time on changing the saw blade?

Make sure to press the built-in safety button in case you see any red flags!

There’s a built-in safety button you can press to slow the process down. In case you feel things are likely to go out of hand and you absolutely need to get back to square one, feel free to press this button. It is there to relieve you of any apprehensions you might have in your mind. Restart when you feel more secure and certain. And if needed, go through the nitty-gritty of this jigsaw again to rest assured things do not go wrong the very next time.

Easy to lift and handle!

The best thing, according to me, is it does not have a humongous size. It has a concise body and can be handled with sheer ease. To your amusement, it is worth 4-5 ounces and is super light. You do not have to be so muscly to operate this jigsaw as it is airy. All you need to have is a fair grasp of its system and you are good to go, you can easily handle it.

Stays steady. Impotent to create vibrations.

People were really troubled with the vibrations an old-school jigsaw used to create. Makita came up with a solution, henceforth. If you wanna go long on a wood board, you surely can. You do not have to grab the jigsaw strongly so it does not vibrate every so often. There is a button you need to keep pressing if you wanna go long; once you pull your thumb away from that button, it’s gonna immediately stop. The jigsaw is unlikely to tremble during the process, it is going to go smoothly until you are finally done.

Comes with a dust extractor!

If you try to run your jigsaw over a piece of wood without attaching the dust port with it, you are likely to see the residue flying around. To be on the safe side, you gotta make sure you have your eyewear on before you start working on wood. Other than saving your eyes from the residual dust, you need to save the time and effort you put into cleaning the dust.

Makita makes it easy for you to get rid of the dust. All you gotta do is affix the vacuum with the jigsaw. This way, the vacuum will pull almost all the dust towards it and there will be little to no dust left to be cleaned afterwards. The blade is so powerful that some of the dust or grime is still gonna be dropped hither and tither. Nonetheless, it is still going to rob you of the hard work you are required to do if you are not using a dust port.

On a side note, using or not using a dust port is a choice. I almost always like having it attached at the back but that’s just me!

Demerits of Best Woodworking Jigsaw

Does not work with a non-Makita B-type blade.

Blade often asks for a replacement as you might know. If this jigsaw’s blade requires to be replaced, you will have to buy a Makita b-type blade. At times, it is difficult to buy the same company’s spare part but in this case, you will have to toil for it.

Doesn’t come with a cord.

Cordless jigsaws are slightly heavier than their corded counterparts that are the lightest in the market. It might seem light at first sight because of its dainty size but is still somewhat heavier than all the corded jigsaws. I have never held a corded jigsaw in my hand so can’t really tell the exact difference of weight, so to say.

If it comes with a cord, it is more efficient with its craft. It tends to cut the hardest of the woods and even metal. Therefore, it is safe for us to deduce its cordlessness as a disadvantage.

Its trigger cannot be changed.

What if you get its original trigger overused and feel like getting it replaced with a new one? Its trigger cannot be replaced with another. You will have to make peace with its one and only trigger.

Is not a variable speed jigsaw.

It, unfortunately, does not come with an option to change the pace at which it works. It is going to run at a single speed. You must have noticed the button which you have to press to keep it running, right? That button can be divided into two or more segments. Makita jigsaw, however good, does not offer a variable speed.

Features and Specs

Dimensions4.33 x 14.57 x 12.99 inches
Weight4.0 ounces
Power SourceElectric Powered
Voltage110 V
Speed500 to 3100 SMP
Motor Power6.5 amp
Warranty1 year
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90° (wood)3-1/2″
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90° (steel)3/8″


Makita JV0600K proffers a wide variety of features that tend to make woodworking and other sorts of cutting super easy for you. With numerous pros and a bunch of cons, it is definitely worth your trust and is the Best Woodworking Jigsaw!

  1. What is the best cordless jigsaw on the market?

    The best cordless jigsaw in the market for precise, accurate cutting and control is manufactured by Makita Corporation. Makita JV0600K jigsaw is considered to be one of the top best cordless jigsaws in the market. It is also a budget-friendly tool.

  2. Are Makita tools made in China?

    Makita Corporation is a Japanese Company. Their tools are made in different regions. Most of them are in Japan, America, and also China.

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