Best Jigsaws Under $50 – Top 5 Affordable Jigsaws of 2021

best budget jigsaws

Are you thinking to buy a jigsaw for your project but the extreme prices have always been a kind of a sour spot for you? Let me help you with the 5 best jigsaws under 50. I was in the same situation like you, 2 summers ago until I heard from a friend that he bought BLACK+DECKER 5.0 amp for less than 50 dollars.

Like any sane individual, I was a little skeptical and didn’t want my money to get wasted. Because most of the time the low-cost devices provide cheap results. Anyways, after a lot of research, I decided to trust his words and bought the gear. Of course, it wasn’t the same as some high-end jigsaw but the results weren’t disappointing either.

Now, I am a firm believer that you can get these highly functional, accommodating, and the best Jigsaws in the business in modest amounts.

I used to believe I didn’t need a jigsaw because its expertise is limited to wood carving. But once I started using BLACK+DECKER 5.0 amp. I was sold instantly. The reason it is gracing the first seat is its versatility and durability. Apart from high-density woodwork, it can make clean cuts through plastic, metal, and laminate.

Now, of course, I am in a much better situation than before and I have tried high-end devices as well, but for times where I know that the risk is high i.e I have to travel, I prefer my old jigsaw. Why? Well, it won’t hurt a lot even if I lose it.

If you are new in this field, I suggest you go with Black+Decker 4.5 amp as it is perfect for small chores around the house. It is portable and won’t cause hand fatigue because it is lightweight. You can polish your skills by practicing with this tiny powerhouse until you can move toward arduous projects.

If you are an occasional DIYer, add some funk to your skillset and toolkit. Bring CraftsMan 5.0 amp to your home. Now you can carve a pumpkin and surfboard or make a fence with this tool. 

Check out WEN 33606 6.6-Amp  if you have a handful of experience with professional devices. I am confident it will boost your creativity as it did mine.  You can also consider SKIL 5 amp Corded, which boasts a tremendous variable speed control and small size.

You can buy from any of these brands that align the best with your project nature, be it personal or professional use. And? The best thing is you can buy them at pretty reasonable prices. 

How We Tested Best Jigsaws Under 50 & Why Should You Trust Us?

Initially, I kicked off as a hobbyist and found the little DIY tasks very intriguing. Then, I got into Jigsaws and tried my hands at small-scale tasks like making mini bookshelves, study tables, tiny wooden boards, jewelry boxes, and trimming furniture around the house.

Over time I learned the correct techniques to handle these machines for different projects with lots of practice. I suggested a few Amazon tools to my carpenter friends to seek their professional advice. Hence, I came up with a list of practical objects for diverse project sizes approved by experienced workers.

So, here I am, sharing my experience, hoping that you will find value and all the necessary information in this piece. 

I preferred to go for pocket-friendly saws so everyone, including newbies, can afford them too. Plus, all of these articles have earned customer satisfaction and top reviews due to their actionable attributes. 

If price is not an issue, you can always refer to my carefully procured list of the 17 best jigsaws.

Who This Is For?

A jigsaw is a multifunctional, electric device that possesses enormous power to trim several materials and cut complex shapes. With an accurate blade, this device holds the capability to cut fiberglass, metal, tile, laminate, and carpet. Yes, all of it, including wood.

Jigsaws are hugely popular among the expert community, including carpenters, construction workers, and plumbers. The best thing is they are portable, and you can take them anywhere. 

As a stay-at-home person, I see them as substantial sources to satisfy my love for home decor and crafting. They are pretty easy-to-use that help me with creating without any supervision.

If you are eager to start a career in woodworking, interior, gardening tools design work, you should start practicing this equipment. There are so many DIY projects that you can take to brush up your skills, such as building a small-sized bookrack, computer stand, footstool, and many more. All of this with a small jigsaw? Sounds like a fabulous plan. 

How We Picked

While choosing a jigsaw, it is imperative to focus on some features to make the most out of this purchase. Typically, the most significant qualities to look for in a saw are motor and speed control. 

Now let’s have a look at the features I preferred while shopping:

Motor Power

Higher performance is directly related to higher amperage. Ideally, 5-7 amp motor saws are applicable for most jobs. I have also added one 4.5 amp motor here as it has worked equally well for me.

Construction & Orbital Action

Firstly, a solid material indicates longevity and showcases precision. So I made sure that I was not compromising on the construction quality.

Secondly, orbital saws provide more value than standard saws. Flexible orbital actions give us more control in cutting and finishing. Plus, the cuts are comparatively smoother. Therefore, you will find orbital action saws in this list.

Easy Blade Replacement 

The blade is another vital object that should be sharp and practical enough to work on different materials. Another thing to focus on is it should be a simple process to insert or swap the blades. I have selected saws that don’t require any additional equipment for blade changing.

Variable Speed

The majority of brands are coming with variable speed saws these days. It may not be an essential attribute for you, especially if you are into the woodwork. But they are very functional with metal cutting. So, I intended to keep this factor in mind while hunting for saws.


A jigsaw is supposed to offer precision and accuracy. To live up to this standard, it should have characteristics like user-friendly design, lightweight, uncomplicated to operate, and a comfortable grip. Only in this way, the operator would be able to create magic. 

Online Research

You can get a bunch of brutally honest opinions from the Internet without having to ask. I did the same and went through customer feedback sections and Youtube reviews. 

It is essential to know the experiences of a product’s buyers as it depicts the true reflection of a brand’s credibility. Even an inexpensive product should provide value for money.  So fellas, never compromise on that.

BLACK+DECKER 5.0 amp JigSaw- Best Jigsaw For Money

Best Budget Jigsaw
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile and futuristic
  • Highly functional for plenty of projects for hobbyists and experts
  • Maximum control
  • Easily switchable blades
  • It has a lock-on button that lets you keep the trigger in place whenever working at the highest speed. But, it is slightly hard to handle.

This 5amp electric tool comes with an elongated extension cord, a T shank blade, and an instruction manual. If you pay attention to the directions and familiarize yourself with all the properties, it is pretty easy to operate. 

The most prominent features of this product are: 

  • Removable and adjustable shoe 
  • Curve control
  • Variable speed
  • 3000 stroke per minute
  • Orbital action
  • Dust blower
  • 120 volts

If you prefer to enjoy the best of both worlds, you should opt for an orbital setting saw. They enable the operator to cut intricate details and saw faster. With Black+Decker, you get four customized settings: 1,2,3,4. With the curve control technology, you can have maximum control by adjusting according to your specific tasks. The aggression density enhances as you go higher.

Although this device accepts T and U shank blades, it is better to stick to the former option as U shank edges don’t come in handy. The variable-speed motor boasts a power of 3000 SPM that helps you cut various materials like plastic, wood, and metal effectively. Its wire guard assists in getting the job done meticulously.

Black+Decker 4.5 amp Jigsaw- Best Entry Level Jigsaw

Best jigsaw for money
  • Small in size yet powerful
  • Compact handle for decreased vibration
  • Maneuverable
  • Adjustable shoe for a stable cutting action
  • Quick clamp for convenient blade changing
  • Not suitable for high-level projects

It is yet another budget-friendly Black+Decker 4.5 corded appliance. It is suitable for small-medium level tasks and proves to be a must-have in your DIY inventory. This device comes with an updated wire guard that supports accurate and precise cutting.

Its best features are:

  • Variable speed control
  • Beveled base
  • 120 volts
  • 3000 SPM
  • Dust blower for keeping the machine clean
  • Brushed up wire guard
  • Robust power

Similar to Black+Decker, this tool supports 3,000 SPM variable speed with a ¾-inch stroke length. The beveled base allows crafting aesthetically pleasing pieces.

You know dust and garbage negatively impact a device’s functionality. And for that, there is an external pot, AKA dust blower, at the back of it. It protects the machine from dust and debris to ensure durability. 

It is a beginner-friendly and affordable device for modifying furniture, occasional crafting, installing, and carving materials. With a lightweight and easy application, it is pretty straightforward to operate for novice users. It fits easily in the hands without frazzling your wrists. I love the way it handles everything in an uncomplicated manner.

CraftsMan 5.0 amp Jigsaw- Best Jigsaw for DIY Projects

best jigsaw for DIY CraftsMan 5.0 amp Jigsaw
  • Delivers precise and accurate results
  • Device-free blade swapping and insertion
  • Easy on hands; comfortable grip
  • I am not much of a fan of the coarse wood blade that comes in the package
  • It is comparatively loud

This CraftsMan creation is a 5.0 amp corded electric device. It gets straight A’s in the ergonomics and design department. With its functionality, hassle-free way of use, and wallet-friendly price, it won’t disappoint you.

Its winning characteristics are:

  • Four orbital settings
  • Contoured handle
  • Stroke length 3/4
  • 0-3000 SPM variable speed trigger
  • Beveling shoe

It is a smooth running and powerful device that provides tremendous freedom and control with its variable speed option. It offers four orbital settings that give you the flexibility to manage cut aggressiveness according to project requirements. These settings are easy to engage with and come in handy while working on numerous materials.

It accepts U and T shank edges. Also, I love the fact that upcoming saws are promoting tool-less blade swapping. You can insert or change a blade without needing any additional equipment.

I would have really loved it if they added a dust-catching port. Although no biggie for a few users but just my personal preference. Overall, it is a great addition to the toolbox for DIY fanatics.

WEN 33606 6.6-Amp Jigsaw- Best Jigsaw for Professionals

Best jigsaw under 50 dollars WEN 33606 6.6-Amp Jigsaw
  • Accuracy and maneuverability
  • Excellent saw dirt management
  • Advanced light guidance
  • Not suitable for amateur workers

WEN offers a range of innovative, robust, and budget-efficient devices for intermediate to high-level tasks. The 6.6 amp motor is its most prized possession. Its build is pretty sturdy. Like a lot of people, I found this product a bit heavier than previously used ones.  But I love how it makes the adjustments so effortless without needing any screwdrivers.  

The top characteristics of this item are:

  • Orbit action
  • Variable speed
  • Trigger mechanism
  • LED light and onboard laser
  • 120 volts
  • 792 watts
  • Beveling footplate
  • Non-marring shoe
  • Dust port 

WEN’s mighty motor has the power to engender 0-3000 strokes per minute. Its orbital setting lets you change the blade movements conveniently. It also features a dust port and blower to keep the machine clean from all the sawdust.

LED light and laser are praise-worthy sources to provide you an illuminated outlet. Greenlight turns on when it is plugged in the wall. White light is there to brighten the cutting area. 

I admire its versatility and capability to work according to task levels. It makes straight and sleek cuts. I am positive that experienced handymen and veteran carpenters will find the magic in this item.

SKIL 5 amp Corded Jigsaw- Best Variable Speed Jigsaw

Affordable jigsaw SKIL 5 amp Corded Jigsaw
  • Solid feel
  • Lightweight
  • Plenty of power
  • Adjustable speed
  • The trigger pull is too sensitive.

With Skil 5 Amp corded jigsaw, it is effortless to shift from 0 to 45 degrees. It also makes it easy to change the blades. This corded saw is compatible with T and U shank blades and curates smooth and clean cuts.

Its top features are:

  • Variable speed
  • Four orbital settings
  • 120 Volts
  • Speed control
  • Beveled shoe
  • Device-less blade swapping
  • 500 watts
  • Dust blower

This saw supports 4-step orbital roles, angled cutting, and considerable ergonomics. It offers decent results across numerous applications.

Its speed control provides an adjustable and favorable cutting speed for any material. It means this saw can handle straight, curved, and intricate details pretty well.

The cherry on top? It is variable too. 

Meanwhile, the brake option helps deliver a meticulous finish. The beveled shoe adjustments let you cut at angles.

Its sturdiness makes me believe in its potential to remain in good condition for a couple of years. It proves to be a practical tool for your occasional chores around the house like wood and pipe cutting, etc.

It comes with a self-explanatory and easy-to-understand instruction manual. You can get a good grip on this machine if you follow the directions precisely.

The incredible features along with the amazing price make it a perfect candidate for this list of 5 best jigsaws under 50.


  1. What is the best jigsaw for home use?

    You can get your hands on any saw best fitted for small to intermediate level projects. The Black+Decker 4.5 amp proves to be a well-rounded option for the household category. It is better to opt for a user-friendly and low-budget tool for small tasks at home. With a compact design and decent functionality, Black+Decker is setting the bar high as a blueprint. It is ideal for newbies for a reason.

  2. What is the best-corded jigsaw?

    BLACK+DECKER 5.0 amp is a versatile tool that has the potential to add value to your personal and professional tasks. From cutting the shape of your knife to heavy-duty woodwork, it serves well as an all-rounder.  Thanks to its curved control technology, variable speed, and personalized settings, this device adapts to the project demands.

  3. What amp jigsaw do I need?

    You can have corded and cordless versions of Jigsaws. The corded models are well-liked because they are more versatile and can cut through solid materials. They are also lightweight and ensure comfort during extended heavy-duty sessions. Corded saws range from 3-8 amps. They are applicable for pretty much every task, from miniature to challenging nature. You can get yourself a 4-5 amp motor and have a card up your sleeve.

Wrap Up

The idea of buying a full-featured jigsaw at a low rate might seem far-fetched to you. But you have witnessed in this article that you can buy any saw under $50 whether you are a well-versed expert or a non-specialist. That is almost the amount you pay to purchase a regular T-shirt online. 

Thus, you don’t have to splurge crazy amounts on this object to handle your tasks. Surely you can go for pricey items for advanced settings and speed. But there is no denying a cheaper saw can also get the jobs done without causing any trouble.

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