Best Jigsaws Under $100 Full Review with Detailed Specifications in 2021

Are you looking for the best jigsaws under $100? Then, keep on reading because I wrote this article exclusively for you. Wood crafting has been my hobby since childhood. I make most of the wooden stuff in my house.

For example, just last week, I made the wooden frameworks currently placed on my mantle.

Woodwork requires finesse and proper finishing. To cut the wood into nice little pieces, it is important to use appropriate equipment. And a jigsaw has always been my companion in all of my projects. Read about my jigsaw cutting guide here.

I have used many different types of jigsaws, which is exactly why I consider myself a little bit of an expert in this matter. Are you confused about what specifications to consider before buying a jigsaw?

I have used jigsaws from famous companies (i.e., Bosch, etc.) to the local market jigsaws. In this guide, I have assembled a list of the best jigsaws under 100$.

You can blindly choose any of these jigsaws, and I assure you that you would not be disappointed by this collection. The best thing about each one of them is that all of these are super cheap yet their functions are better than many expensive ones in the market.

Best Jigsaws Under $100

Following is our carefully procured list of affordable jigsaws:

  • 1. Bosch JS470E Jigsaw
  • 2. Makita 4329K Variable Speed Top-Handle Jigsaw
  • 3. Black & Decker BDEJS4C Jigsaw
  • 4. Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 18V Cordless Lithium-Ion Jigsaw
  • 5. SKIL 4495-02 Orbital Jigsaw
  • 6. PORTER-CABLE PCC650B Jigsaw
  • 7. RYOBI One+ P5231 Cordless Orbital T-Shaped Jigsaw 
  • 8. WORX WX550L Axis Convertible Jigsaw To Reciprocating Saw
  • 9.  WEN 3602 6 Amp Variable Speed Orbital Jigsaw
  • 10. PORTER-CABLE PCE345 6-Ampere Orbital Jigsaw

1. Bosch JS470E Jigsaw

 Bosch JS470E Jigsaw
  • Easy to remove blade system
  • Effective for cutting different materials including steel, wood
  • Allows tilt motion for curve cuts
  • No LED Light
  • Not works with U-shank Blades

When talking about the best jigsaws under $100 in the marketplace, I can’t ignore the JS470E by Bosch Tools Company. This was one of the first jigsaws that I used. The product is top-notch in all of its aspects.

The most interesting thing that I found about this tool is its tool-less blade system. I completely adore this feature. This exceptional feature allows you to replace or eject the blade without the use of any other tool.

Another fascinating thing that I like very much is the variable speed functionality of this Jigsaw. You can easily set the speed of the saw up to 3100 SPM.

I was surprised to see the dust blower along with this tool. This blower provided much ease regarding the removal of sawdust just after using the tool.

I must say without any doubt that the Bosch JS470E Jigsaw is one of the perfect and high-quality jigsaws that one can work with. Another beautiful feature of this tool that I loved to see is that it can cut and craft the wood pieces and steel, and many other materials.

What else do you need? When you have the best Jigsaw available, which allows you to cut at least 6 inches of wood in the finest and accurate style?

2. Makita 4329K Variable Speed Top-Handle Jigsaw

best jigsaws under $100

  • High-Speed Capacity
  • Highly Durable due to die-cast Aluminum
  • 3.9 Amp Motor
  • Poor Angle accuracy
  • Only works with T-shank blades

I have been a fan of the Makita 4362K Top-handle jigsaw for a long time.  The very first thing that I liked about this product is its lightweight. I am sure that you will love its sturdy 3.9 Ampere motor due to which this superb tool operates.

Although having a comparatively low power motor, you can even perform a variety of wood-crafting tasks. However, you will need a circular jigsaw to cut them straight for very thick and hard wooden pieces.

You will find this tool highly comfortable to hold as it consists of a rubberized grip to hold it firmly. The only problem that I had faced regarding this tool is the changing of its blade.

You need to loosen the bolt which clutches the blade. For this purpose, you will find a hex key at the tool’s rear side, which will help you remove the blade with ease.

Honestly, if I say, the product is extremely robust to carry out wood sawing jobs in a creative way. No vibration sound will disturb you or your work. Besides, the orbital settings and variable speed capability add to the product’s rigidness.

3. Black & Decker BDEJS4C Jigsaw

best jigsaws under $100
  • Has keyless Clamp
  • Affordable
  • Good for Newbies
  • Poor cutting for non-woody materials
  • Plastic guard isn’t too good

The Jigsaw, namely BDEJS4C by Black & Decker Tools Corporation, is the most proficient tool that I have found. It is highly affordable, having rates under $50. The precision of this tool exceptionally well. I was amused to see the tremendous features and capabilities of the BDEJS4C Jigsaw.

It works with a powerful 4 Ampere motor as it is smaller in size. Due to a little low amperage of the motor, the tool seemed to have a limited speed, but you will find it favorable for your wood-crafting jobs.

There is a remarkable feature of 4 orbital settings, which will make you content.

Another feature that you will be devoted to is the tilting base plate. This will add an advantage as you will be capable of cutting and saw up to the angle of 45. The hex key for the blade adjustment lets you replace the blade without any hesitation or danger.

As this Jigsaw is lighter in weight, it will be great for you to keep it with you and use it wherever you want. Without any doubt, the Black & Decker BDEJS4C Jigsaw is the most promising tool that you can have.

4. Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 18V Cordless Lithium-Ion Jigsaw

best jigsaws under $100
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • LED Light available
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Heavy weight
  • No Dust Blower

The finest tool fabricated by the Hitachi Company, the CJ18DGLP4 18V Cordless Lithium-Ion Jigsaw, will shock you due to its extraordinary and flawless capabilities.

The best-required features at a low and affordable price. The Cordless Lithium-Ion feature and 18V voltage supply of the Jigsaw will completely amaze you.

The product’s portability and lightweight made me fall in love with it instantly. Hitachi’s durability and precision to accomplish a wood-working task have their superior level. The three orbital options that the tool has to allow you to complete your tasks in a quick and superior way.

Moreover, you can store at least six blades in the store portion dedicated to the tool. The most suitable commodities that the device holds is a dust blower, LED Light, four cutting angles up to 45 degrees, and the extra batteries.

These surely add to the richness of the tool and can attract you to buy it.

This best jigsaws under $100 is easy to grip, well-made, and you can perform long-lasting tasks with this tool easily with no worries. Additionally, you can make curved cuts in OSB wood and plywood material with ease through using this superb tool.

5. SKIL 4495-02 Orbital Jigsaw

best jigsaws under $100
  • Adjustable Speed
  • High accuracy Laser Guide
  • Ergonomic handle for better grip
  • No Dust Blower
  • Lesser Durability

One of the most comfortable and durable Jigsaws that you will find across the marketplace is the 4495-02 Orbital Jigsaw originated by SKIL Tools Company. You can judge its robustness as the tool works through a 6 Ampere motor.

I have not used this tool myself, but many of my friends are using this, and they highly recommend this because of the versatile features it offers

You don’t have to worry about its portability. The tool provides you high portability as due to its lightweight and small size, you can easily keep it with you wherever you go.

Now coming across its features, the four orbital settings help you to set your style to craft wood shocks.

The blades that you get along with the tool are sharp and sturdy. You can have a smooth cut, whether it is straight or of any kind. Undoubtedly, when it comes to sawing tasks, the SKIL 4495-02 Orbital Laser Jigsaw is the perfect tool for you to have.

Suppose you need variable speed to carry out your sawing job and not worry because the tool can set the speed according to your need.

Last but not least, the laser guide helps increase your focus to perform the wood-crafting tasks with more precision. In a nutshell, we can consider this Jigsaw as the next level tool for you.


best jigsaws under $100
  • Easy to change blades
  • Enhanced Dust Blower
  • Great Speed dial function
  • Doesn’t support U-shank Blades
  • Not preferable for Newbies

Are you looking for a top-notch Jigsaw to perform your wood-working job? Don’t worry, as the Porter-Cable Tools Corporation has developed an excellent jigsaw to provide you with the best solution for your sawing and wood-working jobs.

Through this exceptional tool, you can perform almost any wood-working job, whether simple or complex.

The tool comes up with many features and qualities that you will completely find useful. The tool-free blade release feature enables you to replace the blades with great comfort.

A speed adjustment trigger is situated on the tool that helps you set your desired sawing speed. The tool is undoubtedly convenient as per its mobility.

Due to its extremely light weight of just 5.05 pounds, you can easily utilize the tool, whether at home, or your workplace, or even at any other place. Another advantage that you will get is the three orbital settings for this tool.

This helps to increase its precision by applying sharp and tidy cuts. Moreover, the feature that you will adore is the dust blower, which will help you eliminate wood debris and dust particles. The product is fine and stout in every aspect.

7. RYOBI One+ P5231 Cordless Orbital T-Shaped Jigsaw 

Orbital Jigsaw vs Brushless Jigsaw
  • High frequency LED light
  • 6.1 Ampere Motor
  • Noiseless startup
  • Heavy weight
  • Uncomfortable handle

For proper wood-crafting and wood-working tasks, a robust well made Jigsaw is extremely important. Your tool requires that it should be strong and powerful enough to go through smaller, as well as tough wood cutting and crafting jobs. The Ryobi one+ P5231 Jigsaw is a complete package for this purpose.

The tool is highly durable and includes all the necessary parts and items you need for wood sawing. It has 4 orbital settings. The most favorable aspect of this tool is that you can adjust speed according to your wood shock requirement to perform your job smoothly.

Besides, you can adjust the tool-less base from left to right up to the angle of 45 whenever required. You require a clear vision of the surface when working with the Jigsaw.

The Ryobi P5231 Jigsaw fulfils this need, too, as it contains LED Light, increasing your focus on the dark spaces and cuts.

Furthermore, the motor through which this tool runs has an amperage of 4.8A, while the company gives you 120 days money-back guarantee for this peerless tool. In short, the Ryobi one plus is a perfect tool with high-quality features. Moreover, it is well made and sturdy.

The trigger lock system and blade saving base make it perfect to control while cutting.

8. WORX WX550L Axis Convertible Jigsaw To Reciprocating Saw

convertible jigsaw
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Highly Durable
  • One Multifunctional Blade
  • No blade back stabilization
  • can be a little noisy

WORX WX550L Axis Convertible Jigsaw To Reciprocating Saw is the most reliable Jigsaw that you can have for your wood-crafting purpose. The perfectly versatile tool works through the much-needed 6.5-ampere motor.

You can easily convert it from a reciprocating saw to a jigsaw, with the push of a button. This 2-saws-in-1 feature makes it perfect for people who can not afford to buy two different tools.

You will surely express admiration towards the tool as through this sturdy sawing tool; you can easily manage to achieve several wood-crafting tasks like shaping, cutting, resizing, etc.

The shape and the holding grip of the Jigsaw are eminently comfortable, and you will love its handling. Moreover, you can regulate the tool’s speed as per your work requirement, which can be considered the most flexible feature that a jigsaw can ever offer.

Due to its relatively lightweight of almost 4.6 pounds, the tool’s portability increases, thus providing you with another suitable hallmark.

The powerful capabilities that would attract you towards this tool are four positional orbital settings, a switching angle of about 0 to 45 degrees, and the dust removal filter.

The filter has a switch and two different portions from which the dust can be rolled out. When you forward push the switch, the dust particles will blow away, and when applying backward push to the switch, the dust particles shall follow the rear path to blow away from the tool.

9.   WEN 3602 6 Amp Variable Speed Orbital Jigsaw

best jigsaws under $100
  • Lock-on Trigger technology
  • Lightweight
  • Supports both straight and slant cuts
  • Poor Metal cutting
  • Doesn’t support Heavier jobs

While you are a wood-crafter, your very first priority is to get a working tool that is exceedingly perfect in shape, weight, and accuracy as well as it should be easily affordable. The WEN 3602 Variable Speed Orbital Jigsaw can be your best choice in this regard.

The tool comes up with a fine 6 Ampere motor, which aims to boost your sawing activity. An excellent feature of six blades compatibility increases the cuts’ precision and allows you to craft stylishly and desirably.

The best thing about the tool is that you can it has four orbital settings that allow you to work with any of the material. Whether it is wood, metal sheet, ceramic tile, or any of the hard substances, this Jigsaw can hold hands with it.

The tool weighs just 5 pounds and has a great grip to hold on to. You can comfortably change blades as it has a tool-less blade feature. Moreover, you can tilt the footplate up to 45 degrees to work more efficiently.

You do not even have to worry about the saw-dust or debris because the tool has a dedicated portion for the dust release purpose. Without any doubt, this tool could be your excellent companion due to its heavy duty.

10. PORTER-CABLE PCE345 6-Ampere Orbital Jigsaw

best jigsaws under $100
  • Highly affordable
  • Keyless Clamp
  • Preferable for Laminates
  • Deflection in Blades
  • Not very accurate cuts

The last and the best Jigsaw tool that I highly recommend is the PORTER-CABLE PCE345 6-Ampere Orbital Jigsaw. You will be completely impressed with its features and capabilities once you use it. The tool’s biggest plus point is its price, which is not more than $70 in the various marketplaces and online shopping platforms.

One of the most demanded features that should have to be a part of every jigsaw tool is the machine’s speed settings. It is an amazing fact that the PCE345 Orbital Jigsaw has seven different speed variants from 0 up to 3200 SPM.

You can set these speeds through the knob just given on the grip of the Jigsaw. To make your crafting and working cuts optimal, there is a remarkable feature of 4 orbital settings.

One of the product’s greatest dominance is the easy replacement of the blades through a tool-free blade changing feature. This makes you comfortable in replacing the blades.

The product’s newest feature is the lock-on button, which allows you to use it for a long-term job. Probably, it is the best-featured Jigsaw that you can have for under $100.

The only down point of this tool is that it lacks a dust filter, and this is something you can manage without any issue.

With this, I conclude my list of best jigsaws under $100. I really hope that you found the one that you were looking for. If you can’t decide which type of jigsaw blade you need to buy, you can always consult our jigsaw blade guide.


  1. What is the best jigsaw for money?

    Milwaukee2645-20 18 Volt M18 Jigsaw is considered to be a good jigsaw for money. As it ranges up to $100 and has so many fantastic features for beginners as well as experts. It would not be wrong to say that it is the best jigsaw that has great features in reasonable price.

  2. What is the best corded jigsaw?

    Bosch JS470E Corded Jigsaw is the best jigsaw to be used by beginners as well as experts. For a corded jigsaw being powerful is the main aspect which is focused on while buying. Corded jigsaws are best to use as they get a constant electric supply. This Constant power supply serves as the best factor for uninterrupted pieces of work.

  3. What is a good quality jigsaw?

    Good quality jigsaws vary according to their use. Many jigsaws are considered good for home use but not for professional use. So, it depends on the factor that what kind of work do you want to take from the jigsaw. Otherwise, the best overall jigsaw which is considered as the all-rounder jigsaw is Makita 4329K Variable Jigsaw.

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