BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C Smart Select 5.0 Amp Best Jigsaw for Beginners

Black+Decker is one of the most renowned and promising brands in this industry and they keep coming up with extremely commendable products every now and then. With every new product, they try to impress and come up to the users’ expectations.

Not just this particular jigsaw, but a lot of other products made by this manufacturer come in red and black color which is their style statement, I presume. Most of them are really handy and capable of being easily managed by the experts as well as the beginners.

This jigsaw is somewhat more special because it is specifically made to help beginners get on track. Using this jigsaw is not as toilsome as it may seem. So, all the beginners out there! You don’t have to be anxious about whether or not you are going to do justice to the money you spent buying this masterpiece.

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Most Suitable For Newbs and Dabblers!

This saw is manufactured keeping the needs of a beginner in mind. Even if it is your first DIY project, you can try your hand at it and feel easy throughout the process. You do not need to attain a great deal of knowledge on saws before starting to work with BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C. Acquiring some basic know-how is always better, no doubt, but it is not a prerequisite in this case. Just learn to recognize all its main parts and the specific jobs they are meant to do. 

Less Noisy Than Most of the Saws.

When I was out there looking for a saw for the first time, I leafed through a number of saws and watched them making lots of noise. I expected this one to make the same amount of noise but it surprisingly turned out to be less deafening. People who often do DIYs are used to suffering a boisterous noise during the whole task, but this particular jigsaw seems to be turning the tables for the best. Bingo!

Vibrates Less. Lets you Keep Steady and Ferm.

If you want to excel at woodworking and/or anything that needs a jigsaw, you should make yourself used to two things: noise and shaking. This was the impression I was living under until I found out this masterpiece, it shed most of my apprehensions and made things far easier than I expected. It does vibrate but not as much as some other saws, it creates only 11.8m /s of vibration.

It comes with a variable-speed trigger.

It is not a single speed tool, it has a varying speed trigger that can help you slow down or pace up as per your choice. You will not have to cope with whatever pace it tends to provide, you can make it work according to your feasibility and utility. I assume a beginner cannot afford to go fast on any saw, and since you are in luck, you do have the option to go slow.

Can work as a two-in-one. Can be used for pruning too.

As you have already learnt, it comes with an option to change its pace and intensity with which it works. That is the reason, you can even do your gardening stuff with it. You can save yourself from spending extra money on buying a pruner, or if your old pruner is out of date, you can simply replace it with this two-in-one of yours. I was initially not confident to use it as a pruner because I was afraid it will ruin my plants but thankfully, those were just my apprehensions that did not come true

It is a corded jigsaw: Can provide more power to work.

Since it is a corded jigsaw, it has to be attached to an electrical outlet without which it can simply not operate. It is presumed that it tends to work with more energy/force since it gets affixed with an electricity supplier. Therefore, it acquires enough power to cut through the hardest of the metals, glasses, plastics and woods.

It provides tool-free blade change.

Changing a blade can be a bit difficult in some cases but in this case, it is not. You do not have to possess any special tool to replace its blade, it can be easily done sans a tool. It also does not take longer than a couple of minutes to do the job and you don’t have to stress upon it too much if you walk yourself through the guidelines dispatched with the product itself.

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It is not cordless, it cannot be taken anywhere.

The biggest disadvantage to a corded saw is that it cannot be portable. You will have to stay close to an electrical outlet to operate on it. Just for an instance, my favourite part of the house did not have an electrical outlet so I had to move to another nook to make it properly function. One has to take the pains of buying a cordless jigsaw, couldn’t complain.

Its cable is only 3 metres long, you might need an extension board.

In case you are a bit away from an electrical outlet, you might need an extension cable since its own wire is not longer than 3 metres. So, yes! You gotta spend a little extra on buying an extension lead (if you already don’t have one) because sometimes you accidentally find all electrical outlets in the house busy and you are left with no option but to share an electrical outlet with someone via an extension lead.

It is slightly heavy to lift.

Contrary to my expectations, it was quite heavy to hold, I felt like taking a few breaks in the midst of the process only because of its enormous weight. Trust me, you really gotta bear with it until your task is done. For a beginner, it is gonna sound a bit overtiring to work with an instrument heavier than 4 pounds for a series of hours, or even minutes.

Its shoe is not as sturdy as it could be.

The shoe aka base plate needs to be strong in order to ensure accuracy in the cutting of whatever material you choose to work on. The shoe has to be good enough to withstand the continuous vibration a saw creates. This Black and Decker saw, unfortunately, has a slightly out-of-line shoe, so to say.

Features and specs!

Dimensions 11.8 X 4.4 X 9.2 inches
Weight 4.6 pounds
Power SourceElectric Powered
Voltage120 V
Cutting Capacity3/4 inches
Speed 3000 SPM
Motor Power 5 amps
Warranty 2 years
Bevel Cut Angle – 25° & 45°


This saw is quite proficient in providing what it claims to provide. It proffers easy and smooth cutting with little to no noise pollution. It does not make it difficult for you to keep your hand steady. With a plethora of pros and a select-few cons, it is a perfect choice for beginners as well as for expert/intermediate learners. To the best of my knowledge, this Black and Decker masterpiece can look after all your needs and is definitely worth a try!

  1. Are Black and Decker jigsaws any good?

    Black and Decker Jigsaws have always been the best choice for beginners. They are the all-in-one type jigsaws. From simple crafts to complex projects these jigsaws can be used anywhere. Both professionals and newbies can use this jigsaw.

  2. What is the best budget jigsaw?

    All the models of the BLACK+DECKER jigsaws are best for your budget. They also come with all the excellent features for just $100.

  3. What makes a good jigsaw?

    A high-efficiency motor makes a jigsaw excellent. The motors with a 5-ampere rating like BLACK+DECKER jigsaws are considered to be good. And the rating above five makes a jigsaw extra ordinary.

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