Best Jigsaw Blade For Plywood in 2021

Best Jigsaw blade for plywood

Do you worry about your jigsaw cuts being indecorous? Not to be stressed, as I am here to help you. To start first, let me tell you what a jigsaw is? 

Listening to the name “Jigsaw” directly enforces a person to think about a puzzle game. It is obviously shocking to know for the first time that jigsaw is not only a puzzle game but also a wood-cutting tool! It sounds interesting, isn’t it? However, when thinking about a jigsaw wood cutting tool, you must be keen to know about its assembly or how a jigsaw looks like? Well, it is a hand-held tool that resembles an iron or a hand-blender. As for a hand-blender, there is a steel rotator that spins at high speed due to which enables the blending or mixing task. Similarly, here in a jigsaw, there is a blade, a strong blade that could cut lighter and thinner and sturdy and thicker wood pieces.

Finding the best jigsaw blade for plywood or any other sort of wood that you are up to cut is more than necessary. Controlling speed is the next thing that sounds compulsory, as a jigsaw contains a variable speed dial. When cutting a piece of wood, it is for sure to have dust and debris all around. For normalizing this annoyance, the modern jigsaws come up with a partition that carries these particles in order to reduce filthiness all around the working surface.

This article mainly focuses on the very important or we can say the key element of a jigsaw, i.e. jigsaw blades for plywood. So without wasting the next moment, let us look on what are the features of the most suitable jigsaw blade for plywood that you can have for your wood-cuts. 

What are the Features of the Best Jigsaw Blade?

Best Jigsaw blade for plywood

When it comes to the features of a fine jigsaw blade, you can summarize them in two different aspects, the one is their shape and design, and the second is the material. Although both of them are essential to note, there is another vital thing to take into consideration about a jigsaw blade, which is the TPI. What’s that? We shall discuss this at the end of this section. Let us now jump up on the various features that a jigsaw blade carries.

The Varying Blade Shapes:

For the best jigsaw blade for plywood, you can have different shapes that can help you assemble your jigsaw firmly so that you could cut curves on your wood pieces efficiently and most finely. These are popularly known as shanks. If you look at a jigsaw blade, you would come to know that it is either of a T-shape or a U-shape. Both of them are reliable and are seen as a part of the best jigsaws across the market. How to fix them in a jigsaw is a big query, but we are up here to clear this too. 

The T-Shaped Shank: A T-shaped Shank has a plain “T” on the fixing side of the blade. This kind of jigsaw blade has an advantage as it facilitates quick blade change whenever you need to. It is because of the vertical screw setup. However, some T-shaped blades come up with a horizontal fixing system which is also a cool one and you do not have to worry about it. The company that most often develops this kind of blade shank is Bosch Power Tools.

The U-Shaped Shank: The jigsaw blade that has a U-shaped shank is another secure blade that you can have for your jigsaw. Two things help attach this U-shaped blade into the jigsaw. First is the locking screw that helps grip the blade, and the second is the Hex-Key, which is situated with the jigsaw that supports a U-shaped shank. This key helps to drive the screw, making the blade tightly fixed on the jigsaw. The Black and Decker Tool Company features jigsaws that support U-shaped blade shanks. 

The contrast in Material:

Yet another feature to observe in a jigsaw blade is the material variety. You can have stiffer, firm, and the best jigsaw blade for plywood or even for cutting metal if you opt to consider its stuff type. Different Tool Companies make different blades as per the material. Few can disappoint you but, some of them are completely exceptional. You can see their briefing below:

High Carbon Steel (HCS): High Carbon Steel is one of the most flexible blade material that tool companies use in the fabrication of jigsaw blades. Apart from its flexible behavior, the thing that may annoy you is the quick tearing out of the blade material.  

High-Speed Steel (HSS): If you are looking for a durable and stiff blade for your jigsaw, the High-Speed Steel (HSS) material is the most favorable. This stuff looks a little obdurate, which is why you can have good cuts on plywood, metallic pieces, hardwood, etc. 

Tungsten Carbide: When you look for the perfect match blade for your jigsaw, the Tungsten Carbide blade comes directly into the mind. Even if you are aiming to cut tiles, metal, ceramics, glass, or wood, the Tungsten Carbide blade can be your ideal companion. The best thing to note about this stuff is the heat resistance. 

Bi-Metallic Blades: As the name implies, a bi-metallic blade formulates with a mixture of two metal elements (you can also call it an alloy). There is no such material that this sturdy blade substance can’t cut. All you need is to have one for your jigsaw and examine its long-lasting strength. 

What is TPI in a Jigsaw Blade?

Jigsaw blade buying guide

A jigsaw blade possesses not only diversity in its material quality and shape, but another notable thing is the TPI, which also changes from blade to blade. However, the TPI does not reflect upon the material of the blade. What actually TPI is? To elaborate, we can say “Teeth Per Inch” of a jigsaw blade. It is more than clear that having teeth is the first and the most essential part of a blade so that material can be efficiently cut in curves. The standard and reliable TPI range of a suitable jigsaw blade is 6 to 24. Although, it depends on the substance that you are cutting.

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Best Jigsaw Blades for Plywood In 2021: 

Bosch T-Shank Multi-Purpose Jigsaw Blades (T5002):

Best Jigsaw Blades for Plywood In 2021

One of the most well-known tool company i.e. Bosch never disappoints with its products. Similarly for its incredible T-Shank Multi-purpose Jigsaw Blade Set T5002. Surely, these blades are the best example for perfect durability, convenience, versatility, and high compatibility with jigsaws regardless of any company. The complete set comprises 10 different blades including T119BO, T118A, T118B, etc. With no doubt, it is absolutely correct if we say that Bosch T5002 Blade Set is ideal for all kinds of cutting tasks whether working with wood pieces, metals, or ceramics. Moreover, we can’t ignore the sturdy grip of the blade to the jigsaw which is because of the T-shaped design as the screw setting eliminates. Be quick and buy this exceptional blade set for your jigsaw. Here is the link for your purchase:  

DEWALT U-Shank Jigsaw Blades (DW3712H)

Another perfect pair of blades that you can buy is the U-Shank Jigsaw Blade Set (DW3712H) by the DEWALT Tool Company. The first and the most noteworthy thing about these blades is their fine metal material and the ability to fit and use them easily. These supreme blades work exceptionally well with the wood pieces regardless of their thickness. However, when it comes to metal and other materials, there is a bit of a query. If you are regularly working with woods, these blades having 10 Teeth Per Inch (TPI) can be the best for your jigsaw. Besides, to fit with DEWALT Jigsaws, they can also make pairs with the jigsaws of other companies. Hurry and buy this fantastic product via the given link

Skil 94907 Jig Saw Blade Set:

Best Jigsaw blade for plywood

The Skil 94907 Jigsaw Blade Set is a complete package of what you require. This set of 5 blades is specially designed to work with metals. Whether you are having a thick metal sheet or a thin one, these blades come up with all suitable solutions for your metal cutting job. Smoothness is a thing that is the expectation of every jigsaw user, and this pair of five fulfills it completely. Looking at the fitting, these blades manufactured by Skil are of U-Shape and can splendidly fit into any jigsaw. So without wasting the next second, grab yours too. Here is the link to place an order:


So, you have gone through all the particulars of the best jigsaw blade for plywood as well as different other substances. Now, it should be a piece of cake for you to consider a flawless jigsaw blade for your cutting job. What else is needed when we have already provided you the best blades in the above section? Simply click on the respective links to make your purchase. 

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