4 Best Angle Grinders in 2021 and Why You Need Them

Best angle grinder

Most people assume that angle grinders are only convenient for cutting metal. But experienced handymen and DIYers know how to play with them efficiently for all kinds of projects. Being a domestic repair freak, I have always found these devices quite fascinating. After trying my hands on multiple devices, I am confident that Makita XAG04Z 18V LXT Lithium Brushless is the best grinding machine in the business. 

It is a top-rated, versatile, cordless, and instinctive tool, useful for cutting, and grinding several materials, including concrete, tile, pipe, and many more. The reason it stood out to me and many other people is its advanced speed adjustment technology. It sets the speed and torque automatically for better performance.

You can choose any grinding gadget based on the power source, disc size, and speed RPM according to your project requirements. If you are inexperienced with this appliance, I recommend going for the best budget angle grinder as BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool, 4-1/2-Inch, 6 Amp.  It is a lightweight, compact, and corded model. Corded versions like this are suitable for projects that require constant power. It comes with a metal grinding wheel, spindle lock, spanner wrench, and a wheel guard. You can use this guy on aluminum, brick, slate, and steel, etc.

On the other hand, it is preferable to use a large disc size for sizable projects and demanding applications. Bosch 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder 1375A has the power to do it all for you with its mighty 6 amp motor. Its two-position side handle ensures a convenient, adjustable, and secure grip.

If you are into the woodwork, take some time to check out DEWALT DCG413B Brushless Cut-Off Tool/Grinder. It is specifically designed to let woodworkers explore and express their creativity. Its ergonomic design helps work for extended hours by decreasing the fatigue factor.

Best Angle Grinders

Makita XAG04Z 18V LXT Lithium Brushless Angle Grinder

Our Top Pick

  • Brushless Motor
  • Intuitive and Versatile

BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool (BDEG400)

Best Angle Grinder for money

  • Perfect for beginners
  • Budget-Friendly and well-functioning

DEWALT DCG413B Brushless Cut Off Tool/Grinder

Prefect Wood Carving

  • Best Cordless grinder
  • Golden tool for woodworkers

Bosch 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder 1375A

Perfect For Large-scale Jobs

  • Best angle grinder for professionals
  • Ideal for demanding applications

Why Trust Us?

As I mentioned earlier, I have always been into domestic repairing utensils and simple DIY tasks. Recently I decided to expand my horizon and explore a bunch of these grinding tools. From different sizes, corded to cordless, beginner-friendly to high-functioning, best for home projects to woodwork specific, I tried them all.

I compiled this list based on my personal experience, brand reputation, customer feedback, pricing factors, and comparing with several other competitor brands. Check out my list of best jigsaws as well.

Who This is For?

An angle grinder is an embodiment of versatility. To know who this device is helpful for, you should first understand its multiple functions as it helps in diverse ways. It can be an essential item in anyone’s toolbox that is into some construction, renovation, and any DIY work. Plus, it is a portable, handheld tool that makes it super easy to carry around. 

It can be a welder’s best friend as it helps to formulate welding material and remove rust.

Construction workers use this device for cutting, deburring, sawing, grinding, smoothing, and polishing various materials. It also offers a fantastic outlet for woodworkers to create magic. With the help of appropriate attachments and accessories, a grinding device can do carving, sanding, and shaping of the wood impeccably. 

It also comes in handy in reviving old furniture, washroom renovation, and removing old mortar. People can use this equipment for fixing and polishing out car scratches too.

Do you see? The options are boundless. All you need is an understanding of its accessories, properties, uses, and get some experience afterward. Don’t forget to take care of your safety first. Wear a face shield and safety glasses before starting the work.

How We Picked

Top Angle grinder

After a lot of testing and research, I made this list of best angle grinders based on the following criteria:

Disc Size

Angle Grinding machines come in various sizes. The commonly available sizes are 4.5 and 7 inches. Small discs are pretty functional for fine work, while large discs are appropriate for heavy-duty jobs. You can opt for size according to the grinding, cutting, and precision of your work. We have chosen four devices with different disc sizes that work well with specific tasks. 

Power Source & Speed

There are typically two types of grinding devices as corded and cordless. My top pick is a cordless model because I wanted something more convenient and easy-going. They are portable angle grinders and hence you can take them anywhere. Corded versions are considered more powerful, but they are bound to stick to an electrical outlet consistently. 

Nevertheless, both are equally functional, and again, you can choose according to your preference and work. Plus, you can also consider speed rpm, which is the number of times a disc spins and the power it generates during operation.

Overall Features

Each grinder on this list has at least one unique feature. I have preferred models that are generally easy to operate and not very heavy. I have also considered ergonomics, comfortable grips, adjustable handles, and noise levels. 

Brand Reputation

I have paid more heed to the brands with a reputable online presence and honest customer base. You should always check online reviews, feedback, and the features of the product before buying. It depends on how you choose to spend your money, but a product should always provide value for your money. Therefore, do active research to avoid any horrible experience.

How We Tested

I had a lot of free time in my hands during the lockdown. So, I decided to utilize it in the best way possible by taking my tools and DIY understanding to another level. I reached out to a couple of brands, tried plenty of grinding devices, and continued my research. 

I liked several items but dropped the idea of buying after finding reviews of unhappy customers. After discussing with an artist friend, we decided to make 3-4 different categories and start our research accordingly. 

Going from corded to cordless, 2-7 inches disc sizes, fixed to variable speed, we went all out and approached well-reputed brands. We filtered this list into four final categories to present to you guys with the best-built and high-performance products.

Top Pick: Makita XAG04Z 18V LXT Lithium Brushless Angle Grinder

Best grinder for professionals
  • Great power
  • Well-built and sturdy material
  • Easy to use
  • Brushless motor to support prolonged working hours
  • Fairly noisy
  • Fiddly guards
  • It sells the battery separately

Makita XAG04Z is a portable and super convenient angle grinder for everyday small-mid level tasks around the house and garage. It features a brushless motor, ⅝ inch 11 spindle thread, 8,500 rpm, a robust paddle switch, automatic speed change, and active feedback sensing technology.

One of the many advantages of this apparatus is that it features a brushless motor. These motors don’t require frequent repairing and maintenance, plus they have the perks of enhanced efficiency, durable run-time, reduced noise, and heat.  Makita’s brushless motor is designed to deliver improved run-time that lasts up to 50% longer per charge. It enables the brushless motor to stay and run cooler for extended hours. In my opinion, it is a great plus for the functionality of a cordless item.

Its active feedback sensing technology (Aft) shuts the motor off if the rotation of the mounting wheel suddenly gets jammed. It boasts an automatic speed adjustment technology that changes the speed and torque according to requirements to deliver optimized performance.

There are some minor drawbacks that I would like to address. Firstly, the company sells the battery separately. You have to buy a separate Makita 18V battery. Secondly, it has lots of power to survive for days for intermittent use; it still drains the 3.0 or lower battery. I recommend using 5.0 or even a higher battery. 

Although this model is a bit expensive to get started with, the functionality outperformed my expectations. This product is too advanced from the old-era cordless devices. This Makita cordless grinder is a fantastic choice to add to your collection if you prefer a cordless and compact model that is easy to use. 

Best Angle Grinder for Money:  BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool

Best budget grinder
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Maneuverability
  • Easy to operate
  • Pocket friendly
  • Wheel guards protect your hands from grinding discs
  • The switch might get stuck in one position (use oil to lube it)
  • Not suitable for commercial use
  • Comes with only 1 grinding wheel

BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool, 4-1/2-Inch, 6 Amp is a 4.5 inches corded, one-touch release switch light-duty device. It features a 6 amp motor, 10,000 rpm, 3 position side handle, and a spindle lock. It comes in handy for grinding, cutting, removing rust, and deburring materials like bronze, aluminum, steel, brick, slate, etc. The motor has fine functionality, and it also generates cooling effects for extended life and durability.

This guy is available at super affordable rates. It is compact and weighs only 4.5 pounds. It is not an intelligent move to splurge on a high-end product without having hands-on experience. And for that reason, it is a convenient choice for beginners. This cheap angle grinder goes through tough material like butter.

As a novice user, you will find difficulty working with a bulky tool. This lightweight gadget is easy to handle, ensures more control and less fatigue. It also employs a solid metal gear case and has a sturdy feel.

With this device, discs, wheels, and attachment changes are pretty straightforward. All thanks to its spindle lock. Plus, the spindle lock also makes the process of switching between grinding and cutting pretty swift and effortless. It comes with a one-touch release switch, which switches the grinder off and increases the safety options. It is also a great choice if you prefer slide switches over paddle switches.

Its low-key gear case will help you get into tight and complex areas. I adore its unique side handle that seems to work perfectly fine for both left and right-hand fellas. It provides flexibility and a steady operation.

This 4-inch angle grinder has a narrow body and 2 position side handle to ensure a sturdy and comfortable grip. The great price and good value for money make this variable speed grinder a sweetheart among beginners.

Best Angle Grinder For Professionals: Bosch 1375A 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder

Best Bosch Angle Grinder
  • Promotes user comfort and control
  • High functionality
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Adjustable side handle
  • Lightweight
  • Power button is oddly designed

Bosch has dramatically evolved all of its models by bringing beneficial advancements to them. Bosch 1375A 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder is another heavy-duty, glorious, updated addition joining the club. It is the best equipment for handling massive, high-capacity projects that are not possible to handle by small-power devices.

It has plenty of power for a grinder that is extremely lightweight and easy to use.

The package comes with the main character, a lock nut, a burst protection guard, a 4-1 inch abrasive grinding wheel, a spanner wrench, an auxiliary handle, and a flange kit. It features a mighty 6 amp motor that delivers up to 11,000 revolutions per minute. 

I love the fact that Bosch has incorporated plenty of features to facilitate the machine handler of this 4.5 angle grinder. Firstly, the rear lock-on trigger switch and smooth rubberized grip handle ensure comfort to the device operator. Then, there is a two-position side handle to guarantee a firm grip as well. It helps the worker keep working for an extended period without any inconvenience and discomfort.

The company has engineered tool-less wheel guards that allow users to make quick adjustments for different grinding applications. This tool features spiral bevel gears that are relatively quieter, smoother, and durable than straight gears. Plus, they are cost-effective as they don’t require regular maintenance and replacing.

This 4.5-inch grinder supports an epoxy-coated surface that protects the machine from dust and debris to maintain quality and age. The way it accommodates high demanding applications so well is astounding. In short, it provides great value for money. You get what you pay for.

Best Cordless Grinder: DEWALT DCG413B Brushless Cut Off Tool/Grinder

Best Dewalt Cordless angle grinders
  • Variable speed
  • Built to last quality
  • Straightforward to change sanding and chain saw discs
  • No hand fatigue
  • Brush-less motor
  • Sometimes it overheats
  • Heavy on your budget

DEWALT DCG413B  features a two-stage trigger, kickback brake, e-switch protection, ergonomic design, brush-less motor, and long battery life. It is a long-neck, corded, portable, and lightweight device.  Another good thing is that it is variable speed equipment that provides 0 to 6800 rpm within a second. Variable speed equipment gives you more control in changing the speed according to your project’s requirements.

One of my friends is a professional woodcarver, and he always used standard grinding equipment. During my hunting period, this Dewalt grinder caught my attention, and I recommended it to him. It is a splendid tool that allows woodworkers to express their creativity to the fullest and create unique details. It has delivered an impressive carving, sanding, and grinding experience. Other than wood, you can use it on materials like fiberglass, rubber, and plastic.

The solid spiral gear system helps deliver smooth power and a relatively quieter operation. Weight comfort and neck surface texture help you work for extended hours by eliminating fatigue factors. Brush-less motor makes sure that you do not need to change brushes unlike other grinders.. It has high-quality internal fans for generating cooling effects for the motor. It helps in keeping the motor stay and run cool in demanding conditions.

This cordless Dewalt angle grinder is perfect for intricate tasks as its brake has the ability to stop the tool in 2 seconds or less. Even a small pinch or a stall is detected by its kickback brake, and it shuts the grinder effectively. Thus, it is perfect for tasks that require precision and attention. Due to its powerful battery, it has a long run time and an extended battery life.

Paddle switch is easy to use and high quality metallic body ensures that this battery angle grinder lasts long.

I feel it is a bit expensive for an item that is limited to handle small jobs. But, you should purchase this Dewalt cordless grinder, if you want a durable, investment-based product and want to upgrade your creativity.

What is an Angle Grinder? Is it the Perfect Tool for your Job?

Let’s see you were looking for a tool cut the tiles for your washroom and your friend suggested you to buy an angle grinder. But, is it the perfect gadget for this purpose? Well, let me start by explaining what is an angle grinder and how you can use it.

An angle grinder is a versatile tool which can be used to cut, polish, grind or roughen up a surface. You can use it on wood, metal, ceramic, marble or stone. 

Structure of an Angle Grinder:

The basic components of a grinder are as follow:

  • An electrical motor
  • Main body
  • Start button
  • A button for disc change
  • Protective casing
  • Power cable or battery
  • A key
  • handle
parts of angle grinder


  1. What are angle grinders good for?

    Angle grinding appliances are portable and flexible tools for cutting, grinding, and polishing. You can also use them for finishing work on various materials. The hobbyists and experts can use them for occasional repairing tasks, wood-carving, rust removal, and blade sharpening.

  2. Who makes the best angle grinder?

    Makita has the best range for cordless and corded versions. These versatile devices possess massive power to tackle numerous materials and projects. Every person with beginner or expert level experience can find something for him/her in their collection.

  3. What is the most popular size for an angle grinder?

    4.5 inches is generally the most common size for grinders that uses a 4.5-inch wheel disc. This diameter is best for a variety of everyday jobs and can tackle any task. You can find disc sizes as large as 9 inches, but they are best for gigantic nature projects. 

Final Verdict

I have reviewed 4 best angle grinders in the article above. In the end, it is your choice to choose a device according to your job requirement and budget. There are various features you should consider before buying an item. I made that clear in the How We Picked section. I hope that you find value in these reviews and information. 

Thanks a ton for giving it a read:)

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