Best Angle Grinder Attachments To Make The Most Out of Your Grinder in 2021

Did you know that it is possible to turn your angle grinder into a multipurpose tool? There are a lot of things that you can get done very easily by using an angle grinder and investing in efficient angle grinder attachments.

These attachments turn your ordinary grinder into something special, your work gets easier. The device becomes more efficient and your work more hassle-free.

Be sure to get all the information and specifications regarding the angle grinder accessories before you make a purchase cross. Most of them are available for 4 1/2 inch angle grinders.

9 Best Angle Grinder Attachments

Let’s have a look at some of the most versatile angle grinder attachments that you can get your hands on below.

Angle Grinder Stand

angle grinder stand

If you have got small materials to cut, then this is the attachment that you should be purchasing without thinking twice. It is a basic stand if you want to get straight cut through pipes.

This type of cut is not easy to achieve by simply using an angle grinder, and that is why you need to invest in this attachment. If you want to turn your grinder into a metal cutting cut-off machine, this is a perfect choice.

These stands provide you with a stable workstation, where you can set your grinder and work effortlessly. Most of the stands in the market are for cutting ferrous metal, if you need to cut wood, brick, or any other substance, you would require special stands. This angle grinder stand for wood cutting can be quite useful for chopping blocks of wood.

Note: Having a stand doesn’t mean that you can relax and sit back. You still need to be careful regarding the usage of the grinder. You do not want to lose your fingers. Do you?

How Do You Use an Angle Grinder Stand?

Start with mounting the grinder on the stand with the help of fastening screws. After securing it tightly, turn the grinder on. Hold on to the handle and with a slow and steady approach guide the disc towards the workpiece. You need to be very careful during and after the cutting. Any sudden action can result in potential injury. Slowly go into the initial position after using the grinder and turn it off.

How Do You Install a Grinder Stand?

These instructions vary from brand to brand. So, try to follow the ones that come with the stand you bought. Anyhow the general procedure is as follows. There is a swing arm and a base plate that come with these stands, you need to mount them together with the help of screws. After attaching them use further screws to join the clamping device with it. Next, you need to fix the spark protection with nuts and then attach handles. And you are done.

Dust shroud for angle grinders

Dust shroud for angle grinder

When we cut a slab of concrete with a grinder, the number of dust particles released into the air is way more than what is defined by OSHA. These can make you ill, that is why you need something to get rid of these particles. It can end in lung diseases.

The dust shroud angle grinder attachment is utilized to create a boundary that will incorporate the silica dust to be effortlessly sucked into the dust extractor. A port is available on them that will connect a hose with the shroud to the extractor. This angle grinder attachment is used as a component of a dust extraction system.

During grinding of materials like concrete etc, a lot of dust is produced. You can prevent this with the help of a dust shroud. These tools have a universal vacuum hose that holds onto the device itself. For people who want to work in a NO DUST environment, this is the best choice.

If you do not have a dust shroud, you can hold a HEPA vacuum near the tool’s surface as a dust shroud alternative. You can also use a water hose onto the cutting surface to keep down the dust particles.

Wheel Guards for angle grinders

angle grinder attachments

This angle grinder attachment is used to deflect sparks and waste material away from the person using the angle grinder. They also protect you from the cutting disc or wheel of the grinder, in case it breaks or fly off. If someone wants to comply with the OSHA standards, it is vital to attach this grinder attachment with their tool.

People often feel guard is coming in the way of their work and get them off. But this is malpractice and should be avoided at any cost. Nowadays companies are manufacturing guards that are adjustable and easy to work with. Newer wheel guards are user-friendly and provide 180-degree protection. You can angle them as you want, so they don’t get in the way of your work.

Professionals and long terms users say that constant modification and adjustments slow down the work. That may be true but no amount of slow work or monetary damage is enough to risk your life for.

You may have worked with your grinder without a safety wheel in the past and returned unscathed. That does not mean that it will be safe all the time. It can break off and various sharp parts flying at full speed in your direction is something that you should never see.

What does expiry date means on an angle grinder safety wheel?

An angle grinder safety wheel might not expire but the chemicals that are keeping it together do. And when they expire, there is a higher chance of your wheel disintegrating and flying off in different directions. That is why you must have one or two backup wheels ready in case your primary wheel’s condition is doubtful.

But you need to be conscious of their storage as well.

They can also result in unfortunate accidents if they are not properly stored. For example, in extremes of temperature, exposed to chemicals or fumes, in humid places. So, always prefer new wheels and do not stock up more than 3 wheels. If they are hard to buy, then make sure that you are storing them in a feasible environment.

Chainsaw attachment for angle grinder

Chainsaw attachment for angle grinder is very popular and commonly used. There is no need for you to have a heavy-duty change when purchasing a chainsaw attachment for your angle grinder. This attachment is so powerful that it can easily cut through timber.

It is important to keep in mind that you will not get the same power as an actual original chain off, but it is still a great attachment to have in your collection of tools. This attachment will revamp your angle grinder and make it more versatile.

Want to buy the best angle grinder? Read our article about it. 

Belt Sander Attachment

If you like to pay attention to the little details while working on their craft, this is a must-have angle grinder attachment for you. This attachment for the angle grinder will give you work and detailing with precision. Make sure that you know about your angle grinder size when you are purchasing the belt Sander attachment.

Angle Grinder Drill Chuck

This angle grinder attachment has RPM ratings, and it also shatters easily. This is the reason why it is not the most recommended angle grinder attachment to purchase. Even if you get the tiniest drill bit, it will still have a limitation of 4,000 RPM!

Woodcutting Chainsaw disc angle grinder attachment

The material of this disc is a chain saw blade. You can easily cut wood using the angle grinder attachment but make sure that you purchase the right size to avoid any further problems while cutting the wood.

This angle grinder attachment is also used for carving wood. Selecting the right size will make you the best woodcarver in town!

Wood Carving Chisel

If you get this wood carving attachment for an angle grinder, you will not have to invest in a different hammer. It is because your angle grinder will act as a hammer itself. You will also get to nuts with this attachment, but this is not sir not circular.

This is how it will produce the force of a hammer and make it easier for you to carve on wood. This angle grinder attachment body is made of plastic, and it can work very well for you if you keep oiling the chisel from time to time.

Belt Sander with Stand

If you are looking for an angle grinder attachment to sharpen your tools, this is the right attachment for you to purchase. By using the belt sander with the stand, you can easily sharpen your scissors and knives.

If you buy an original stationary belt standard, it will be a very costly purchase for you.

Buying the belt sander with stand attachment for an angle grinder is a cheaper alternative, and it will save you a lot of money in the long run. It can easily be mounted to a table, and it also comprises a told rest which makes it very easy for you to sharpen your tools by using this angle grinder attachment.

This attachment for the angle grinder is also utilized for deburring the metals before the welding and rust removal process. You need to make sure that the hole size of this angle grinder attachment can easily fit your grinder before you make the final purchase!


How do you attach attachments to an angle grinder?

You can purchase angle grinder attachments on your choice and then stick them onto your angle grinder. It is as simple as it sounds.

What size angle grinder is best?

A 4-inch angle grinder is the best size one.


An angle grinder is a very adaptable tool to have when you can make it even more versatile by investing in attachments for it. Make sure to get the angle grinder attachments in the right size, and you will be good to go!

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