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I am Michaela Clifford, the person who is showing meticulous efforts to provide this website with the best reviews. I aim at delivering my audience with the most precise and amazing jigsaw reviews and buying guides. With a lot of experience in affiliate marketing, I always wanted to create something distinct. After leaving so many options behind, I decided to start “The Jigsaw Review”. I adopted my hobby as my passion.

Being a woman, I always received the suggestion of reviewing beauty products; because women can nicely do that. Ignoring the conventions of the community, I started a jigsaw review website. You might think that women don’t have to interact with jigsaws, so how could a woman provide us with precise jigsaw reviews.

I have always been interested in different DIY projects, and I always wanted to do everything on my own. I used it often for repairing wooden tables and other minor damaged objects. So, I started using jigsaw during my teen years. I was never shy to use such tools, in fact, I felt proud of myself. These minor projects gave me a broad understanding of jigsaws.

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